Introducing The All-new 2011 Dodge Charger

2011 Dodge Charger

The hotly anticipated 2011 Dodge Charger has beat a path onto the Internet in a million little ways, but this is the first complete, undisguised look that we have of the redesigned muscle sedan after a seemingly endless stream of spy shots and leaks.

Said to be more closely inspired by the second-generation Charger of 1968-1970, the rear/all-wheel-driver picks up the classic model’s full-width rear taillamps but goes without the original’s hidden front lighting. That massive ‘race track’ brake lamp assembly, incidentally, is illuminated via 164 LEDs. The nose appears to be more closely derivative of the outgoing model, albeit with a prominent grille assembly that sits a bit more proudly ahead of the front fascia.

Under that big hood, Chrysler confirms that the 2011 Charger will receive both the 5.7-liter V8 Hemi and the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 as expected. All-wheel drive will be available in R/T trim, and the system includes a front-axle disconnect function to aid in fuel economy, meaning that when it isn’t needed, the AWD Charger ought to behave like its rear-drive counterpart (albeit with some extra weight from the additional componentry).

The Ontario, Canada-built Charger is expected to rumble into showrooms before the year is out.

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